Family Pet Care is committed to providing care for our patients during this COVID-19 crisis. We are working within the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), the Alabama Veterinary Medical Association and local agencies to keep our hospital and staff free of the virus.

These include
- Asking staff to stay home if they are sick or someone in their family is sick.
- Disinfecting all surfaces throughout the day, in particular door handles and front counters.
- Frequent hand washing
-Avoid touching our own faces
-Keeping a distance and discontinuing direct physical contacts such as handshaking or hugging.

In order to mitigate the spread of the virus we:
-Kindly request that you wait in the car or outside until we are ready for your appointment.
-Limit the family members attending the appointment to one person. We can use Facetime to include other family members.
-Do not enter the clinic if you are ill or have been exposed to someone that is ill. We can always meet you at the car to bring your pet inside and communicate via phone.
-Please wash your hands and cover any coughs.

 We will also be performing your pet's exam in our treatment area rather than in the exam room.

Please be patient with us. We will be doing our best with staff shortages and extra steps involved. We are here to help you and your family and want to do our best to mitigate the spread of this virus for the well being of all us and so we can resume our normal lives as soon as possible.

Thank You,
Staff at Family Pet Care